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Medical Weight Loss with Semaglutide

If you have a hard time losing weight, or simply like to contour your body in specific areas, Glo Aesthetics is able to help. We offer our patients medically supervised weight loss of the highest caliber. In this program, the nurse practitioner will work with you to assess where your current level of health is and then assist you in reaching your optimal weight. We are now offering Semaglutide!



The number one weight loss medication in the country.


Studies show an average of >15% body weight loss. It can help both jump-start weight loss and support chronic weight management but it is also good for getting ride of those pesky last few pounds.


Tiny insulin injection into the subcutaneous fat once per week.

Semaglutide is currently the number 1 FDA-approved weight loss medication on the market. It is a GLP-1 receptor agonist that is similar to incretin which is a naturally occurring hormone that controls appetite and prevents hunger pangs. It helps control blood sugar by stimulating insulin secretion, which protects against cardiovascular problems. It also causes a minor delay in gastric emptying which makes people feel fuller longer.

Side Effects

Nausea, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation are the most common. This usually subsides after a few weeks on the medication.


Fatigue is also common in the first few weeks so it is a good idea to supplement with our Slim Boost which speeds up metabolism and helps with energy.

Who Can't Take This Medication

-Diabetic Retinopathy
-Low blood sugar/hypogylcemia 
-Disease of gallbladder
-Inflammation of pancreas
-Decreased kidney function
-Thyroid cancer
-Family history of thyroid carcinoma 

This Medication Is Not Meant to Be Taken Forever

rather a short period of time to control eating habits and adopt a workout routine to maintain weight loss that will last.  

12 week commitment required. 

Weekly weigh-ins at time of injection.

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